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A slate pool table can bring hours of fun and enjoyment to all members of the family. But before we get into our slate pool table review, let’s take a closer look at what differentiates a slate pool table to other kinds of tables.

A slate pool table is a table whose playing surface is made from slate rocks, usually fine-grained quartz, mica, and clay. The thickness of this slate can vary from 1’’ to 2’’ and will determine the price of the table and the strength of the framework that will hold it, among many others.

The slate pool table is the preferred playing surface of most major 8 or 9 ball tournaments and pool leagues because its flat and level surface gives maximum ball control and first-rate straight shots.

Its major advantage over other makes of pool tables is that it does not warp over time, and the only maintenance you would need is cleaning or changing the cloth or felt that covers it.

Although slate pool tables are more expensive, they can assure you of the best and truest playing surface for a more enjoyable and engaging game.

Here are 3 of the best slate pool table available to guide you in your decision.


Hathaway Renegade 54-In Slate Bumper Pool Table

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The Hathaway Renegade 54-In Slate Bumper Pool Table is a table with a genuine slate playing surface covered with a high-grade green cloth. It differs from a regular pool table in that it has only 2 pockets along the short side of the table and 12 bumpers throughout the table which makes for an intriguing game. These bumpers act as obstructions or helpful “obstacles” designed to give you a more challenging pool playing experience.

The sturdy black cabinet is made with quality wood engineered for durability and strength. Chrome trimming along the sides of the table contributes to its modern, streamlined appearance. Independent leg levelers are included in this package to ensure a stable and sturdy game area. The carpeted ball return system makes for an easier game set-up as well as a quieter table play. It also comes with 2 48″ cues, 10 bumper pool balls, a table brush, and chalk.

Assembly of this unit is simple and easy, requiring tools you already have at home, so you can have all your pool playing fun in a jiffy.


  • Compact size to fit a room, den or gym
  • The classic green cloth and black cabinet gives the feel of professional play
  • High-quality fast action rubber bumpers assure accurate and long-lasting bounce-back for a more exciting game


  • Quite heavy at over 300 lbs.
  • Game is a little different from the usual pool so not too many people play it

slate pool table review


Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table

slate pool table review

The Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table-Bellagio is part of a line of exquisite, high-quality and elegantly crafted pool tables for families with a distinctive taste for the classic while enjoying a game of pool. Its 3-piece slate play surface, the soft-felt cover, hardwood rails, classic drop pockets, and hand-carved solid wood legs propel this pool table to the top of the price bracket.

The hefty price tag, however, will not distract you from the fact that this table choice is guaranteed to give you all that you are looking for in a pool table and more. The frame is made from dense fiberwood with birch veneer and port finish that is scratch and termite-resistant. The 17-inch solid wood legs with the ball and claw design provide sturdy support as well as beauty and elegance.

The 3-piece, 1-inch thick slate bed is covered in soft felt and is built for accurate leveling and better ball control. The 5-inch hardwood rails fitted with K-66 rubber bumpers provide faster ball returns. The table felt is made from a blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon and is stain-resistant as well.

This pool table comes with all the accessories needed for you to enjoy playing pool right in the comfort of your own home.


  • Delivery and installation is included in the price package
  • Comes in a color choice of red, blue, green and camel
  • Designed and built to last for generations to come


  • Stands in the upper bracket when it comes to price

slate pool table review


Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table


slate pool table review

The Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table is a medium-sized and medium-priced pool table in a more modern and contemporary design. Medium price, however, does not mean mediocre quality as far as this table is concerned.

Its frame and rails are made from metal and the cabinet is made from laminated CDF which is a “greener” alternative to an all-wood model. But this construction does not take away the supreme performance, luster, and durability of the Mizerak.

The slate bed is leveled perfectly, and, together with the smooth felt, deliver speed and accuracy for a professional-level pool experience. The internal drop pockets have chrome corner caps that add to its sleek, modern design.

The table legs are fitted with sturdy individual chrome levelers that provide seamless adjustments on any and all floor surfaces.

This billiard table comes with 2 cues, a set of billiard balls, a triangle, a brush, and 2 chalk pieces. It is also available with a slatron playing surface which is pressed fibreboard material that is lighter and more cost-effective than an all-slate model.


  • Lighter in weight because of its laminated CDF component
  • Levels perfectly and plays like any professional pool table
  • Priced very reasonably at a little under $1,000 but can perform side by side against the more expensive brands


  • Especially complicated to assemble because of its 472 components
  • No ball return, only internal drop pockets
  • The slatron model is very susceptible to warping

slate pool table review

Slate Pool Table Review – Final Thoughts

A pool table is a great investment for any family, entertainment-wise. Whether it be the very expensive one or the cheapest available in the market, your choice should always be the one that you know will suit your game preference and provide you with all the fun and enjoyment of playing while at the same time creating quality time with your loved ones and friends for a good many years.

Slate Pool Table Review

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